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WordPress Posts; Images not showing up on facebook

When a post is shared on social media, such as Facebook, an image is generally shared, too–usually the first image within the post. Please note that this is different than the selecting a featured image. When using that feature, the image selected will only show up in the news-feed page, not the post itself. If you would like the same image to show up on both the news feed page–such as your homepage; or your news page (/news)–please read the steps below.

  1. Write the content for the article/news post.
  2. Upload a featured image using the box on the right-hand column.
  3. Add the same image to the post itself–at the beginning of the first paragraph–using the “Add Media” button (click here to read a tutorial on how to add images to posts).
  4. Click Publish.

**Note: If no images are added to the post itself, Facebook will grab the first image it sees on the page.