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How to set up a GMail Account

When starting a new project with DatAchieve Digital, you’ll be asked to set up a GMail account. This is because the Google account will be used to integrate certain features into your website such as–but not limited to–Mail Chimp, Twitter, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools.

Creating a new Gmail Account:

  1. Visit https://accounts.google.com
  2.  Click the “Create An Account” link
    • If you already have a Google Account, click the “Add Account” button. Follow Step 2.
  3. Fill out the form; For your username, try to use your domain name e.g. YourDomain@Gmail.com. If it is not available, try to pick something close.
  4. Click the Next Step Button.
  5. Google may ask you to verify your account. Please follow the directions if this happens.
  6. After creating your new Gmail account, please send the credentials to DatAchieve.